My FALL Final Portfolio

Each element of my portfolio reflects a different aspect of my writing, which I have come to realize is, in some cases, extremely unique. Some of my inclusions are unchanged from my Midterm Portfolio; however, this is because I feel some of my best writing was accomplished before mid-semester, and not due to my own laziness to change the portfolio. Most of the in-class writing I wrote occurred before midterm and, as such, that is reflected in my portfolio with Lu's writing and the Malcolm X writing. I kept my "Evolution" journal entry from midterm but replaced my "Literacy Awakening" writing with  my reflection on Culture, Society, and Me titled "Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc."

The two largest projects of the semester I feel exemplify my best writing of the project, possibly due to the absence of technology in them. I gladly took the opportunity to replace "Culture, Society, and Me" with the "Movie Review", as I feel this is a much better literary exposition into which I put a fair amount of work.

Each individual writing was included in my final portfolio for a particular reason. They tend to be the best writing of my semester and I feel reflect strongly upon me as a writer while showcasing different aspects of my style. I included each piece for the following reasons:

Evolution Journal Entry
This piece shows my analytical tendencies as well as my ability ot think in the abstract. Those two attributes seem to conflict with one another, and it is with tremendous pride I am able to say that I believe I seamlessly weaved two seemingly opposite ways of thinking. the fact that I enjoyed writing this piece may be due to the fact that I feel very passionately about the subject. I hope to get the opportunity to further practice my ability to promulgate some form of social commentary.

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc Journal Entry
I included this journal entry in absence my Literacy Awakening entry because 1) it is a better all-around piece and 2) the first assignment was not included in this portfolio, and thoughts about the assignment seemed out-pf-place. I was personally invested in this assignment, as I do not so much introspection in my finance and economics classes, so this was a well-received assignment. It drew out the best of me and forced me to think about myself objectively, as a product of others' influences.

Malcolm X In-Class Writing
My writing on Malcolm X is logical and well thought out. It accounts for the background of Malcolm X's life and his overall message while still allowing for thought on the face topic of the writing. Although written as an afterthought, this piece helps the reader to understand a sense of equity in writing as well as a logical stance on divisive issues.

Lu In-Class Writing
This piece helps shine light on the more important issues of Lu's writing, which was a great piece that I am glad was included in our curriculum. My writing is summary-based, but also contains cutting thoughts on the inner layers of Lu's writing such as the parallels between Lu's personal conflict with the overall conflict of China during the times.

Meaning in Advertising
This is far and away my best work of the semester. I did not feel the piece merited revision, as I made sure I was content with my first draft before submitting it. The entire project was one I felt I had a good grasp on and I was very happy with my ability to untangle summary, meaning, and message of the Marine Corps commercial titled "The Climb." This is a topic that I am personally connected with, due to my grandfather's veteran status in the USMC. The format of the assignment is one that I excel in :a simple paper that allows me to write what I want without having to worry about any superfluous "digital format."

Movie Review
I replaced my "Culture, Society, and Me" assignment with my Movie Review due to my enjoying writing the latter. I love The Shawshank Redemption, and was happy I got to write a movie review on it while being able to critique other critics. The assignment in question was a somewhat departure of the free reign I would have liked to simply review the film, as we had to write a review for Time magazine. I feel I did this superbly, following the assignment to a T and taking great care to write a review that would appear in Time. As Time reviews tend to start with a simple thoguhts on the movie, transition to three to five paragraphs of ABSOLUTE summary, then finish up with more well-crafted thoughts, my finished product was exactly what the assignment desired. Accordingly, I did not feel that my review needed to be amended in any way, if my assumption that my project should reflect the assignment is true.

Now instead of reading about my portfolio, go forth and read my portfolio. Godspeed! Enjoy!